Our mission is to improve the learning outcomes of primary school pupils in Kenya and sub-Saharan African countries through the provision of quality learning resources and the creation of parent-teacher collaboration in real-time.


We provide access to high-quality and standardized mobile learning solutions with real-time feedback and progress reporting.


We use artificial intelligence to understand the learning needs of pupils and train them to be outstanding.



We foster parent-teacher collaboration to support personalized learning in areas where pupils need to make a difference.

We believe that every pupil deserves the opportunity to access high-quality learning resources that go beyond the classroom. Our continuous learning process ensures that every child in a developing country unlocks the magic of learning regardless of their location or background.

I am so proud of the work that M-Lesson is doing. Every day when I get home, the first thing that my daughter asks is if I have the question for the day. I have seen tremendous improvement in her learning as she receives real-time feedback on each question that she attempts.

Emmah Muchira

Business Consultant, Tripple X


Access high quality and standardised assessment questions irrespective of your location. Get to know how you are performing as an individual and improve your learning beyond the classroom using personalized learning insights.


Analyse the performance information of your pupils in real-time and adjust your teaching methods according to their needs, identifying personal areas of self-improvement and sharing your opinions with parents and school administrators.


Understand how your child is progressing school and get a deeper insight in areas where needs help. Work hand-in-hand with your child in collaboration with the class teacher and help them to meet their learning needs.


Explore the strengths and weaknesses in core areas of your school. Make data-informed decisions that foster the improvement of learning standards, strategic planning, resource allocation, and overall development.


We aim to improve the learning outcomes of 250 million pupils in Kenya and other developing countries. Be among those pupils who will benefit from using M-Lesson to understand your classroom performance and work towards meeting your learning needs







We are here to provide you with more information that you may need. We answer emails and phone calls to create an efficient service that improves learning outcomes. You can use the form below to drop us an email, but if that’s too much, old fashioned phone calls work too.


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