We come from a different school of thought and that’s what makes us different. Unlike everyone else who is bombarding pupils with all forms of information,  we chose to understand the capabilities of a pupil first and then help me meet their learning needs.


We identify the learning needs of each pupil as an individual before we are able to help them improve in learning. Utilising the Kenyan curriculum, we develop high-quality assessments that measure three core areas in the learning of a pupil.



We provide each learner with personalised lessons and mini lessons at the end of an assessment to help the learner to master the subject. We design our lessons to make learning fun, beyond what’s experienced in the classroom.


Using machine learning, we share personalised learning insights and progress reports with the parent, teachers, and school administration. In our insights, we highlight areas of improvement and detailed metrics for each learner.


Parents or pupils subscribe to M-Lesson by sending an SMS with the word LEARN to 21475. The user is then taken through a series of questions to identify their class and subject.  On a complete subscription, the user receives a confirmation of their subscription and 1-week free trial after which they’d be prompted to make payment to continue to receive lessons.

Every evening M-Lesson sends a multiple choice question in form of an SMS to the parent. The parent is then prompted to give the phone to the child to read the question and respond with the most appropriate answer.  M-Lesson sends 3 multiple choice question per subject per day. To engage parents in the education of their child and increase the interaction between the parent and the child, M-Lesson recommends role play where either the parent or the child reads the question.

On receiving the pupil’s response, M-Lesson responds with an indicator of whether the question was answered correctly or incorrect and if incorrectly, the correct answer and a tip on how to answer such a question correctly next time. Once a day, M-Lesson shares an update about the questions and answers of all pupils who attempted the questions with their class teachers using a web based application to have an understanding of their pupils are progressing and where to put in more emphasis or whether to change their mode of training.

Pupils who successfully complete and an assessment receives a mini lesson that teaches them more about the topic that the question came from and also how to access the full lesson from our web based application.  Our expert teachers ensure that all our lessons are easy to understand, makes learning fun, and are go beyond what the kid learns in class.

Every week, parents receive an update on the learning progress of their children both on SMS and also on our web based application. The update highlights how the pupil performed in the assessments, areas of improvement, and a score of where their child stands in comparison to other children who attempted similar questions from the global standard. Teachers and school administrators have real-time access to information about how their learners are doing in comparison to their peers. We empower them to understand the needs of their learners and come up with recommendations that can help them improve.

Parent teacher collaboration helps in improving the learning outcomes of children. At M-Lesson, we ensure that parents and teachers are constantly in sync to help their children meet their learning needs. Using our web based solution, parents aware of whats happening in the education of their children in real-time.


Quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses in the education of your child and decide where to take action first. Explore more personalised comments and responses from M-Lesson and teachers and help your child to meet his or her learning needs. Offer your child as much support as possible to help him or her to succeed in learning. Connect with teachers on a regular basis to understand how you can help your child improve and ensure that your child adheres to comments and recommendations.


Understand what your learners need by trailing their involvement in lessons. With personalised learning insights, improve the structure or delivery of lessons by establishing effective classroom management techniques that are distinctive to every learner. M-Lesson enables you to understand the academic needs of your pupil and offer them the necessary feedback that can help them enhance a habit of continuous improvement. With real-time insights we ensure that you are able to take action right away – while not doing away with the valuable classroom lesson time.


Identify and compare strengths and weaknesses across your classes and school networks and provide the necessary support needed in the development of improved learning outcomes and the establishment of best practices among your teachers and learners. Identify instances of poor performance in advance across different class levels, coming up with remedial approaches before it’s too late, maintaining a secure, positive, and fascinating learning atmosphere for each pupil. With M-Lesson, you will constantly be provided with the insights you need to make data-informed choices.